“Ngopi” Ngobrol Pemikiran Islam

“Ngopi” Ngobrol Pemikiran Islam

 Alhamdulillah, on this happy occasion we can continue to carry out weekly “NGOPI” study activities, especially since the current atmosphere is still at the beginning of the new year, so we all have to open a new page to look at the future we want. In the “NGOPI” study this week coincided on Wednesday, 07/01/2021 AD, and this evening’s study was filled directly by a speaker, namely our senior in semester 8 is “Riza Reyhan” who brought he explained about the theme “Problem Reveal In Spiritual-Religious Experience in Islam: Sufism perspective.  Problem formulation is: 1. What are the problem wich occurred in western around religious-spiritual experience?. 2. How is Islam Responding from the problem with? What did religious experience meant?.

      Continue the next discussion about experience, -experience is away to again a knowledge, – Spiritual experience for Islamic clergy is the need to get closer to Allah SWT and involve voluntary devotion to get His pleasure, – A minister is a person have the competence to provide religious guidance as a basis for behavior and understanding of experience Islamic clergy in order deepen the spiritual life. So the next is the principles of experience: the main tools of perceiving experience is a counsious, -the system contect, of field within wich the different aspect of the mind including thought, sensation.  So the next discuss is about the classification kind of experience: -the experience divided to two dimension deferentation and relationality, -different ciated experience counsious is directed toword object different of separate from our selve.

      Interest Go deep Life Spiritual: –Environment religiously oriented -Internal motivation.  Individual Process Develop Spiritual Quality :-The maturity of monotheism as necessity spiritual -Exploration of meaning tasawuf, -Lust as obstacles, -Looking for the pleasure of Allah SWT as a goal spiritual development. Benefits of Living Life Spiritual: – Inner peace, -Transformative change, -Ease of getting a hint. Manifestation Go deep Life Spiritual: -Be grateful -Spiritual experience, -Relations with others, -Spiritual maturity. Purpouse: -as the final concept, -retorning to the pure concept, -to had the us from the wrong. Religious experience was as important nation in purpouse to return it on the right way matched on atrip concept islam. Is one of free: inquiry to support all authority in function.

Written by: Kanda Naufal Jauhar Gani

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